Book your voyage on board the Tecla online and visit places that can only be reached by boat.
Remote places on Earth UNSPOILD NATURE
On board the Tecla you will be able to visit nature reserves, go for hikes up hills and mountains and discover some of the unspoiled and unique character of the Arctic.
You can be part of our NEXT ADVENTURE
Step on board for your next adventure. Be part of a team that sails a traditional sailing vessel.
Once you have set foot in Iceland and Greenland you will know just what exploring is about.
Step on board for a week IT IS A JOURNEY
The Tecla sets sail in Spring and returns to the Netherlands in Autumn, in between you can join us, even just for a week!
Scotland in Spring and Autumn INNER AND OUTER HEBRIDES
In the Spring the Tecla will make two voyages to the Outer Hebrides, wind and weather permitting you wil also visit St Kilda - one of the remotest islands of Europe. In the Autumn the Tecla will visit the Inner Hebrides.
Take a bite of this! OUR FOOD
Not just sailing and exploring, but also enjoying life to the fullest, with good food.

Go North, Go Explore

Secluded anchorages where wild rivers dispose their icy water after they plunge into these breath-taking fjords.
Set sail to Scotland – Hebrides, visit the Faroes or sail all the way to Greenland – go on an adventure.
One item you should not leave at home is your camera. Beautiful scenery, wild life at armslenth and dinghy tours to remember.



Setting sail together is a team effort. Join our team and sail the Tecla to new horizons and remote places

You can be part of our team, no experience needed, all ages welcome. On board you will be instructed on how to sail the Tecla and when you are up for it, you can take the helm and steer this 102 year old lady.

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December is Beanie month – BOOK NOW

Book and confirm your voyage in December and you will get a hand knitted Beanie of Icelandic or Scottish wool for free!

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Tecla sailing the Arctic

Sailing in Iceland, there is one place that is a must to visit. In her exploration of Iceland the Tecla has discovered Hornstrandir to be more then just amazingly beautiful. Hornstrandir is a nature reserve full of life, full of growing, melting, developing nature, that is so close you can almost touch it. Dropping anchor at the bottom of a high cliff, you will be able to go ashore with the dinghy and explore the glacier, walk past waterfalls, look at nesting birds and be amazed at the Arctic foxes that will keep playing with each other, even with you close by.

Just imagine waking up, taking a cup of coffee outside and when you look around, you are surrounded by nature, calm water, hardly a sound to be heard.

Most of the Iceland voyages the Tecla will make, will bring you to Hornstrandir. With bays at just a day sailing away and several anchorages close together, there is so much to explore!

But not just walks is what makes your voyage so amazing. The sailing, the quiet, the wind, the somtimes cold – sometimes sunny days and the new friends you can make on board, make it complete.