Advance notice

This advance notice is to inform you of our upcoming plans for 2021 and 2022. We have a new big voyage in mind and we cannot wait to share it with you. But we would like you to consider and realize that our sailing areas are often protected areas. Areas with small communities that have limited contact with the rest of the world and are cut off from medical care due to distance or terrain. We recognize that we may be a danger to their wellbeing and we would never want to impose ourselves.

Therefore we will not set sail before the pandemic is under controle. If you are interested in one of our voyages and would like to book, please let us know by filling in the little form that will pop-up when you hit the button for the voyage. We will contact you with our contract, and your reservation will be complete when you return a signed copy. We will not how ever take any deposits for the voyage, until it is certain that the voyage is possible. We will then contact you again with an invoice. 

Once voyages are fully booked, we will also hold a waiting list in case of cancellations

COVID-19 --> Our plans depend on more then just dates. We depend on flights, travel restrictions, health on board etc. Even more, we value our contacts all around the world, from the Northern settlements to the island villages and do not wish to impose and want to abide by their rules. It may take a while before we can fully confirm our voyages.

Ullapool to Tenerife

sailing towards tenerife

approx 20 days

approx 1550 NM

15-25 years €2.280
>25 years € 2.400

Setting sail from Ullapool for Tenerife in autumn time is always a challenge. The weather is changeable, with low pressure areas rolling in and every day getting colder. But as you make your way South you will forget your long johns and be in shorts as you moor in Tenerife. 

This voyage is perfect for mile collectors: with basic shipkeeping tasks such as steering and watch keeping (both day and night), you will be able to log some serious time and miles!

12-nov.-21 until 20-nov.-21

Tenerife to Cape Verde

This is a short ocean voyage. Not an ocean crossing in the true sense, but certainly catching much of feeling of one. With the North East trade? winds starting to blow, this short getaway is perfect to catch some winter sun and travel between two amazing island groups. Make sure to arrange some days exploring the Cape Verde Islands after disembarking, it is a truly beautiful place! 

12-nov.-21 until 20-nov.-21

approx 9 days

approx 750 NM

15-25 years €1.170
>25 years € 1.440

Cape Verde to Brazil

approx 20 days

approx 2800 NM

15-25 years €2.000
>25 years € 2.600

Leaving the Cape Verde Islands, you will be straight into ocean sailing! This voyage will take you from the North Atlantic into the South Atlantic – crossing the equator. You will meet Neptune on board and hopefully be admitted to his realm of sea creatures. 

Sailing across an ocean is something magical. The rhythm of the ocean, the rhythm of the ship will be all you have to think of all day. Which gives you so much time to read a good book, or keep a journal, work on your seaman skills and much more. 

This voyage will end on Ilha Grande, just across from Angra dos Reis which has an easy connection to Rio de Janeiro. 

21-nov.-21 until 10-dec.-21

Brazil to falkland islands

An epic voyage going from the jungle to one of the remotest inhabited places. Starting from some of the most tropical islands you can imagine you will set sail continuously to the South of the South Atlantic.

Riding the Brazil current South, we will stay many miles offshore so as not to have the Malvinas current against us. Going from a warm coastal wind, into the cooler winds in the South. As we make our way south, Summer will get a firmer grip on the weather. This does not mean it will be warm as you enter the Falkland islands! 

12-dec.-21 until 1-jan.-21

approx 20 days

approx 2000 NM

15-25 years €2.000
>25 years € 2.600

Falkland islands to South Georgia to Antarctica to Chili

approx 37 days

approx 2250 NM

15-25 years €11.100
>25 years € 12.950

Not your ordinary Antarctic voyage. Starting on the Falkland Islands, this voyage will include South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, Deception island AND part of the Chilean channels. 

It will be a long voyage, making time to sail and explore as much as possible. The length of this voyage is also what makes it unique. Not just a short passage to the Antarctic peninsula, but a thorough exploration both South Georgia, as well as the Antarctic peninsula, finishing your voyage in Chile. 

3-jan.-22 until 8-feb.-22

Chile to Antarctica to the chilean channels

From Chile you will set sail to the Antarctic Peninsula. You will sail around the peninsula for at least 10 days before heading back to Chile. It will mean crossing the challenging Drake Passage twice, but on both sides you will have some amazing highlights to look forward to! 

You will also explore the Chilean channels for at least 8 days. This is a new cruising ground for the Tecla and one we are looking forward to with anticipation. These channels are good for sailing AND hiking. So expect to set sail in the morning and hike in the afternoon, while the Tecla is anchored off the cliffs. 

10-feb.-22 until 16-mrt.-22

approx 35 days

approx 2200 NM

15-25 years €10.500
>25 years € 12.250

A voyage into the chilean channels

approx 12 days

approx 700 NM

15-25 years €2.280
>25 years € 2.400

Starting in Port Natal, most likely going to Porto Mont this is a voyage of discovery. During our first world circumnavigation, we did not stop in Chile at all. In our circumnavigation of the America’s last year we only saw the South. Now we will have time to really explore along the Chilean coastline, heading into the fjords, anchoring beneath towering cliffs, and making time for some amazing hikes. 

If you are looking for a voyage of true exploration, this is your chance! Come with the Tecla crew, find out all about the inland passages and discover some new hiking grounds!

18-mrt.-22 until 29-mrt.-22

Heading out to explore new sailing grounds
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porto mont to easter island

Hanga Roa, the island with the standing heads, tropical, wonderful, somewhere you may only go once! And for us, maybe twice!

Setting sail from Chile this voyage will include a possible stop on Crusoe Island in the South Pacific, before sailing on to Easter Island. There will be enough time for proper sailing and exploring the small islands. 

31-mrt.-22 until 21-apr.-22

approx 22 days

approx 2250 NM

15-25 years €3.960
>25 years € 4.400

Easter Island to Tahiti

approx 30 days

approx 2300 NM

15-25 years €5.400
>25 years € 6.000

Starting from Easter Island, the first part of the voyage will be an ocean crossing. With good weather, nice warm night watches and maybe even time to take a dive in the deep, deep blue, you are heading straight West to the first islands of the Pacific. 

There will be enough time to visit many of the islands in between Hanga Roa and Tahiti. Most islands are on top of an atoll, some of them are uninhabited, others have small communities living there. This will be the first time the Tecla visits the French Polynesian islands. We are really looking forward to taking you on this next adventure! 

23-apr.-22 until 22-may-22

tahiti to hawaii

Your chance to explore the Pacific Islands with the Tecla crew. A month-long voyage will give us enough time to really see what these amazing islands are all about. Dive into the waters around the atoll’s and dive into the culture of the islands. 

Fresh fruits on the islands, fresh breeze out on the waters. With a South East trade-wind we will head for the equator and cross it meeting Neptune on the way. Winds in the North Pacific will turn to a South West wind, getting us to Hawaii. 

This is not just a holiday; it is an expedition. It is all about the experience and seeing these islands in a different way. 

24-may-22 until 22-jun.-22

approx 30 days

approx 2250 NM

15-25 years €5.400
>25 years € 6.000

hawaii to dutch harbor

approx 28 days

approx 2300 NM

15-25 years €3.500
>25 years € 5.040

Starting with a tropical vibe, this voyage will head to a place that speaks to the imagination. Dutch Harbor, a place of fishery and boating, will be our entry port to Alaska. 

Although there are many miles to cover between Hawaii and Dutch Harbor, there will be plenty of time to explore some of the islands on both sides of the voyage. Starting with the Pacific islands, finishing off with the Aleutians islands off the Alaskan coast. 

24-jun.-22 until 21-jul.-22

An attempt to sail the North West Passage
Become part of the expedition crew

Northwest Passage attempt

In 2019, the Tecla crew successfully navigated through the ice and channels of the North West Passage. In 2022, they will attempt the North West Passage again, this time from West to East. 

AND you can be part of crew. 

The attempt to sail the Northwest passage is a once in a lifetime experience. A long voyage of over 50 days. Starting off in Dutch Harbor, you will first make your way to Nome.This will be the last harbor of America, where officials will stamp us out of the country. From there it will be over 1000 miles before entering Canada. 

Ice reports and weather reports will be closely monitored as the Tecla and her crew get closer and closer to the edge of the ice. 

The route to take will depend fully on the ice reports. Possible stops include Herschel Island, Talayoak, Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven, Resolute, Beechey Island, Pond Inlet, finishing your voyage in Greenland, Ilulissat.

23-jul.-22 until 17-sep.-22

approx 54 days

approx 4000 NM

15-25 years €13.500
>25 years € 15.120

Ilulissat to nuuk

approx 10 days

approx 400 NM

15-25 years €1.600
>25 years € 1.900

A west Greenland cruise. Starting in Ilulissat, the voyage will pass through some of the most spectacular icebergs and bergy bits you will see. They originate from the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq, just South of Ilulissat. Towering high in the foggy mornings, navigating out of Disko Bay may depend on wind and weather. 

Along the way there are many amazing places to stop, many of which have a rich history of whaling or Viking exploration. 

Kangaamiut is one of those places named after the form of the mountains, which according to Dutch and British whalers looked like “sugar loafs”. 

19-sep.-22 until 29-sep.-22

nuuk to reykjavik

Starting form Greenland, sailing to Iceland. A proper crossing at the end of the season. Teamwork is what it takes, making sure you are well rested for your watches. You will enjoy some of the most spectacular Northern light displays as you sail on the ocean with no light pollution what soever. 

But you will first get your sea legs exploring off the West and South coast of Greenland. If the winds are favorable and you arrive in Iceland early, there will be time to explore the Breidafjordur area and the fjords closer to Reykjavik.

30-sep.-22 until 16-oct.-22

approx 15 days

approx 1200 NM

15-25 years €2.400
>25 years € 2.850

reykjavik to home

Tecla under reefed sail in morning sunrise

approx 12 days

approx 1200 NM

15-25 years €1.200
>25 years € 1.320

Sailing home. The last leg of our year and a half voyage. A leg that is really meant to get us home. But which offers some beautiful scenery as well! 

Starting off in Reykjavik and sailing South, there is a big chance of seeing the Northern lights. If the winds are favorable, there may be a possibility to stop on the Faroe islands or Shetland Islands. This means that if the winds are not in our favor, the voyage will mean no stops, just sea and sailing! You will be part of a watch, steering and being on the look out. An ideal time to log some miles and hours behind the helm. 

17-oct.-22 until 27-oct.-22

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