More than just sailing. Joining the Tecla for a voyage means an active holiday, with part sailing, part exploring ashore. Exploring is done by dinghy, going into small coves and under high cliffs. But even more so, it is done by foot.

The Tecla crew has sailed in Scotland (on and off) since 2007 and in Iceland since 2016. They have explored some of the best hikes and walks there are and they would love to take you along with them.

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Hornvik Hike

Hornvik walk is a spectacular walk that will take you trough grassy meadows, up to some of the best Bird cliffs around. The walk can be split, as sometimes the weather does not permit the whole walk. The entire walk takes around 4 to 5 hours. Starting at the beach where you will be dropped with the dinghy. 

When setting of from the Tecla we will pack a lunch or snack and water / drinks for under way as we will be out for some time. 

This hike is spectacular because it will take you right to the bird cliffs and along some of the fox holes which might have some Arctic fox cubs in them. Wildlife is amazing during this walk. You will be able to get close to the Foxes as they are not shy at all. You will see Kittywake, Razorbills and Guillimots nesting and maybe even some Fulmars and Puffins. 

The horn is very well known and it may occur that we encounter other groups of hikers. Early season it might still seem as if we are the first people to walk up to the cliffs! 

fox cubs close to their den
Tecla crew exploring the Horn of Hornvik


The hike to Latrabjarg starts at the beach of our anchorage. The hike starts of tough as we have to first climb up to 430 meter hight. Although the path is very good and even accessible for cars, it is still some way before the ‘easy’ walk begins.

Walking along the path a car could be met, but other then that some parts it seems like a moon or Mars landscape with dry rocks and not a soul to be seen. 

The whole reason for this walk is Latrabjarg and the bird cliffs. And these are spectacular! Kilometers long cliffs stretch out with birds swarming all over them. It is an ideal nesting place for Fulmars, Kittywakes, Puffins, Razorbills and Guillemots. 

Tecla sails to Latrabjarg


The hike in Adelvik bay goes from Latravik up to the Straumnessfjall. Starting with a hike up, on top of the hills you have a spectacular view of the bay. On top you will also find some abandoned war ruins. The old radio station left on top was once a military base of the Americans when Iceland was used in the Cold War as an in-between station. 

The walk over the top will take you down to a lake that can be rounded if there is enough time. And if fog or rain clouds spoil the view, the walk around the lake is beautiful and easy going. 

Tecla on a sailing adventure in Iceland