Nome, Alaska – Santa Cruz, Galapagos

This voyage is only applicable when the Tecla get’s through the North West Passage. 

Sailing from Nome to the Galapagos islands is a voyage of about 6000NM. A voyage that will take you from the cold North Arctic regions at the end of summer, to the warm equatorial island group the Galapagos. A voyage where you will experience it all, from cold to warm, from stormy days to being becalmed. And from sailing in-between islands, to not seeing land for days on end! 

zons ondergang op Tecla

Nome, Alaska

A true adventurers den. Once a town that held over 20.000 people, one of them being Wyatt Earp the Wild West hero, now a town of little over 4000 people. In the 1900’s Nome was seen as a last place where one could still make their own fortune, without too many laws and bystanders. Until they found gold. Wyatt and Josephine Earp opened their saloon to cater to all the needs, the thirsty, the lucky and the unlucky.

The air of the Wild Wild West can still be felt in Nome. Saloons are open still and the gold rush in the Bering sea is once again today’s news. 

If you were to arrive early in Nome, then the wildlife is worth a closer look at. There is a national park north of Nome and for bird watchers there are many arctic birds that are worth the trip, the Willow Ptarmigan and Rock Ptarmigan, the red throated Loon, the Arctic Tern, red neck Phalarope, long tailed Jaeger and many more.

Bigger wildlife that can be spotted on land will be arctic foxes, Musk oxen, Elk and even a Bear.

Muskox spotted from the Tecla
Captain Gijs explaining the sailing plan for tomorrow

After Nome, sail will be set for the Bering Sea. A stretch of water that can be wild and stormy, but in September predicted winds stay between a force 4 to 5, making it an excillarating sail to Dutch Harbour. Dutch Harbour will be an inbetween stop, last shopping, last bunkers and off we go for a stretch of nearly 5000NM. Following the currents, the route will be set sailing close to the American coast.

These 5000NM will take you from nearly autumn to permanent summer. You should definitely bring your swimming gear, as well as your foul weather gear!!

What is the best thing of sailing over 5000NM? The watches and the rhythm. Together you will become a team that will sail the Tecla and work on the deck. You will be part of the maintenance, you will steer the ship, change the sails and be part of the everyday life on board. Staring out over the water, endless horizon and this amazing ship and crew getting to their goal, the Galapagos.

There will be 56 days to get to the Galapagos, that would mean 110 miles per day, 4,5kn averaging. So, if the winds are favorable, there will be plenty of time to spend on the Galapagos.

The Tecla crew is known to take a dip in the ocean, while the ship is sailing! Are you up for an adventure? Bring it on! This voyage will also include a crossing of the equator. And so you will meet Neptune and his wife.... Are you ready to be welcomed into the realm of the Sea Turtle?


Both Nome and Santa Cruz have their own airport where you can fly to. Transfers are not included and should only be bought after receiving the contract and confirmation of passage through the north.

Darwin watching the speed of a Galapagos Turtoise, by Meredith Nugent from the book "The voyage of the Beagle" by James Taylor

The price of the voyage is included the fees and permits we need to land on the Galapagos. But the authorities will only allow us to land on one island. If we are there early we will try and get further permits, but this is not likely. This does not mean that you will not have an amazing time on the islands. The Tecla will be anchored in the harbor most of the time. From the ship you can take an early morning swim with the turtles every day. If you would like to visit more islands, you can take day trips to the other islands, or spend your time snorkeling around the ship.

The Galapagos are well known for their exotic animals and the great explorers and adventurers that once visited the islands like the Beagle expedition under Capt. FitzRoy with Darwin on board.

If you are interested in this voyage, please fill in the booking form. But as we know the North West Passage is still not open every year, we will not finalize your booking until we know the Tecla will get through the North.

If the ice does not melt in the summer of 2019, the Tecla will stay on the East side of America. Sailing from Halifax, she will head for the Panama Channel and go through to the Galapagos. This voyage will also take 56 days, divided into 2 legs (also possible to only sail to the Panama Channel or Panama Channel to Galapagos.

If you are equally interested in this voyage, please let us know.

pelseart island

6000 miles of ocean!

15 - 25 years old €4.928 25>years old €6.160


19th of Sept. until 13th of Nov.