Part of our Journey

The Tecla starts a new Journey each year. The Journey is divided in parts or legs and you can join us on these legs. We have picked the most convenient places for you to get on our get off as our stat or finish point and can help you out with information on how to get there, or get back. Our Arctic Journey starts with setting sail for Scotland, exploring her surroundings and then setting of for a far horizon and new adventures. Passing the islands in between before arriving in Iceland. In Iceland we travel along the West and North coast, giving you the opportunity to get on for just a week or stay for two weeks.

Your next adventure on board Tecla
When at anchor you will be brought ashore by the Tecla crew in the Dinghy
Set foot on land and discover more about scotland
Set sail and steer the Tecla to a new Horizon

When we set sail for Greenland we will return in between. This way we can show you Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Greenland and you can easily fly to and from Iceland to get to the Tecla.

Our Journey continues homeward once we leave Iceland and set sail for Scotland again. This time making our way down on the North West coast and passing through the Caledonian Canal to get to the Netherlands.

As said before your part in the Journey can be one week, or two, or three. And if you would like to book two voyages – we offer you a 10% discount for a combination voyage.