6. Caledonian Canal

6. Caledonian Canal

Leaving Oban we set sail for Fort William at the foot of the Caledonian Canal. This is where our travel trough the Scottish interior begins.

Using the 107 kilometres long Caledonian Canal fitted out with 29 locks! Take Neptune’s staircase, find out if the Monster of Logh Ness will show its face to you or drink a beer in one of the lock pubs! We will spend several days in the Canal,  under the watch full eye of Ben Nevis.( Standing at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) above sea level!)

Taking time for some amazing walks along the narrow Canal and up the hills and mountains of rough Scotland.  Inverness is where we leave the canal and set in to the North Sea. Split up in Watches you will have plenty of time to get to  know the ship in her natural habitat. Peer over the compass to check her course, while you enjoy a last cup of tea in sun set. This is where a hundred years ago the Tecla used to make a living. Fishing the Doggers bank, drifting behind here nets. Depending on the progress there should be time enough to visit one or more of the Dutch Islands on the North coast.

Terschelling and Texel are two of the five inhabited sandy Islands that protect the Netherlands from the fierce November storms. It is a challenging place to sail with the narrow fair way and the ever changing sand banks. Den Helder is ideally located at the mouth of the Wadden Zee. Easily reached from both sides. This is where the voyage ends as well as this unbeatable season in the north. Time to take the sails in and prepare for a new adventure!




Embark: Oban, Schotland  on 19-09-2016

Disembark: Amsterdam, Netherlands on 02-10-2016

Price: 15 – 25 years old € 1190

Price: 25> years old €1400


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  • Caledonian Canal with 29 locks
  • Loch Ness
  • North Sea sailing
  • Dutch Islands


  • Beautiful walks along the Caledonian Canal
  • Walk to the Green beach on Terschelling
  • Walk or take a bicycle and ride to the North tip of Texel and look at the next island – Vlieland

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