10. Greenland voyage 1

10. Greenland voyage 1

T2018-10                 Isafjordur – Isafjordur – A journey to Greenland – Scoresbysund

25-jul-18 15-aug-18                € 4.400,00                € 4.070,00

First voyage of the year to Greenland. Sailing from Isafjordur, you will first get to know the ship, learn to set the sails and get used to the movement, as you set sail for Hornstrandir, the Nature Reserve to the North of Isafjordur. With Hornvik to the most NW point of the Hornstrandir, as one of the highlights. Perfect for a hike along the famous bird cliffs, with a beautiful view across the Greenland Strait, teeming with bird live. In the explosion of flowers hide the arctic foxes with their cups. Here they have no need to be weary of humans and so are very approachable. It is a good anchorage and a convenient jump of for those wanting to cross the Greenland Strait (Denmark strait). After this it is time to heave anchor and set sail. Destination ScoresbySund, Greenland. The biggest fjord system in the world. It is over two hundred miles long and twenty miles in width over most its length. With Ittoqqortoormiit as its only settlement you spend most of your time there in the rugged nature.

Depending on wind, weather and ICE, the voyage in Scoresbysund will be planned on arrival and after talking to the locals in the harbor. The voyage will bring you back to Isafjordur.