Sail Training

On board the Tecla we work with a Sail Training Program developed and supported by the Sail Training Association Netherlands (STAN). This sail training program is not only about learning how to sail, but uses sailing as a tool for personal development. Trainees on board are encouraged to step out of their normal comfort zone, to experience new things and learn in different ways. This goes for all ages! At the end of the trip (long or short) the trainees receive a logbook in which we have evaluated what the trainee has learned and how far he or she has come. Depending on the length of the trip the trainees develop different skills that will be useful if they would ever want to start sailing professionally, but also in the rest of their life outside the maritime world.

Sail training makes sailing just that little more than an active holiday.

The way we do it

On board the Tecla the trainees are divided into three watches. Each watch is responsible for a part of the days schedule, and in each watch trainees will be appointed different responsibilities and chores.

The Tecla Crew consists of members of the family. Working with the trainees on board and getting the group to work together means the world for us. We hope to give all our trainees the chance to experience what it is like to live on a boat, work together and become a winning team!