Sailing around the world

In 2012 the Tecla set out on her biggest adventure so far, a World Circumnavigation. A Journey that would take over 18 months and would take her to 4 different continents, over 4 Oceans, around 3 legendary Capes and to countless breathtaking places. The Circumnavigation was undertaken with two other ships, the Bark Europa and the Oosterschelde. The initiative was called „Dutch Tall Ships”. The Dutch Tall Ships set off on different dates, bit found each other in Cape Town. For the Tecla this was 5 months into her Journey. From Cape Town the three Dutch Tall Ships sailed together for 6 months, and their paths parted after rounding Cape Horn.   The route: The route followed the old trading routes, which enabled the Tecla to sail most of the way. These routes follow both prevailing winds and currents.

  • Scotland
[learn_more caption=”Countries visited”] We left from Netherlands onward to: Spain – Canary Islands – Cape Verde Islands – Brazil – South Africa – Mauritius – Australia – New Zealand – Falkland Islands – Uruguay – Brazil  – Azores – Ireland – England – Netherlands[/learn_more] After 18 months, the Tecla returned home. Home and straight onto the slipway for a well deserved period of maintenance. But that was not the end of the season, and certainly not the end of the dreams of the Tecla crew. The Tecla crew fell in love with many places, like Australia and New Zealand, with Brazil and her green everlasting jungles, with the Falkland Islands, which was by far the most extraordinary place we have ever visited. We have had some rough times on board, where sleep was a luxury. Some nights were too cold, some were too hot. We have slept under double blankets, in hammocks out of the sun and on the deck. We have eaten the fish we caught and taken showers in the heavy rains (when it was extremely hot). We met Neptune twice, we have seen the dragon of the Indian Ocean, we met the Tres Maria’s in the Southern Ocean and we have lived one beautiful Saturday twice!

If you were on board, you were part of it.

If you missed out on our adventure, we will make sure you can be part of the next one!