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North West Passage 2025 Alaska to Greenland
A unique opportunity - one of the few sailing vessels to sail the North West Passage in 2019 and 2023 and we will attempt it again in 2025. Become part of our expedition crew!
Dream away with our new plans 2025 SAILING PLANS
Explore the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Antarctica and return to the Pacific with us before heading North for a North West Passage attempt!
South Georgia Sail from Port Stanley
One epic voyage we are very excited about! Set sail from the Falkland Islands to South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula and finish in Chile after 40 amazing days!
Your next sailing holiday
Your next adventure, your next sailing holiday can be found on this website. We offer a historic traditional sailing vessel with which you can go and explore the world together with a team of 4 professional crew and 12 expedition crew! That's you!
A week or a month..? IT IS A JOURNEY
The Tecla sails around the world, visiting North America, South America, Antarctica, the Arctic, South Africa and South Georgia, in between you can join us, even just for 10 days!
The Tecla is a family business JOIN OUR NEXT ADVENTURE
Family business since 2006 - two generations maintaining a traditional beauty and showing you some of the remotest places on the earth! Book directly with us, no booking fee
Take a bite of this! OUR FOOD
Not just sailing and exploring, but also enjoying life to the fullest, with good food.
Our Introduction

The Tecla is a family owned sailing vessel that sails around the world with specialties in both Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Setting sail for a week or even for two months at a time. The Tecla sails around the world with a professional crew and you can join her as her expedition crew. 

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Signature Voyages
25 days
In Viking Footsteps 2025

Setting sail from Iceland to the Netherlands, tracing back the footsteps of vikings, visiting Faroe islands, Shetland islands, Orkneys and Wadden Islands.



13 days
Explore the Falkland Islands

Explore the Falkland Islands under sail. Setting sail from Port Stanley to make your way to the west islands under sail


€ 4.680

14 days
Greenland South Coast – Reykjavik to Nuuk

Setting sail from Reykjavik, this voyage will take you to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. 



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Around the World

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3 Voyage Available

tecla anchored at tuomotu islands pacific ocean

4 Voyages Available

3 Voyages Available

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Explore the oceans of the world with us!
We sail as a team

Our expeditions are a team effort. On board the Tecla you are part of the daily routine, you will help set the sails, steer the ship and be part of a watch when legs last longer than 24h. Your effort and hard work will be part of our succes!  


Setting sail for the Northwest Passage!

Due to cancellations we have two berths available on our Taste of the Northwest Passage 

Not the whole Northwest Passage, just the start of it! Get a taste of the passage by setting sail from Ilulissat, Greenland and head out to Canada across Baffin Bay. Making your way past mountainous icebergs and visiting places like Beechey Island where you can find some of the last signs of life of the famous Franklin Expedition of 1845. 

Set sail to
South Pole
North Pole
Falkland Islands - Puerto Williams


Antarctic Peninsula


North West Passage


Tecla crew on a hike in west greenland
Greenland South coast


Expedition crew Feedback

Some of our expedition crew members are kind enough to leave us a review. We hope they may give you some insight into life on board, our passion for sailing and our love for the Tecla.


Have you sailed with us before and would you like to leave us a review as well? Please send us an email! We would love to hear from you! 

The crew Gijs; Sam; Jet and Loes were sailors open to talk yet hard of work, they consistently work with a passion for the vessel they loved so much, this could even be seen by the comments written by previous attendees.They were hospitable and kind treating us often like little children with candies and chocolates, it helped a lot , as this raised moral and bonding chances. All said I’d recommend them for anyone with the money and a need of something real.  

An unforgettable week sailing the Tecla in Iceland.
We sailed around the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and every day was a delight.
In the evening we anchored in beautiful places at the bottom of a new fjord and in the morning, coming up to the deck was always a surprise. Dreamy atmosphere, stunning landscapes, and every time something new to catch the eye, magic reflections on the water, seals, birds…
We went ashore for fantastic hikes which proved to be not only invigorating but also a new source of surprises as the arctic fox in its summer colours in the tiny Hesteyri.
On our way to Aedey Island everybody was on deck basking on the sun when someone shouted WHALES!!! And there they were, the amazing whales. Splashing, coming up and down, wagging their tails …
It has been such a fabulous week, sailing the beautiful Tecla and with its wonderful crew! We are looking forward to the next season!
A big hug for all!
María & Manuel (from Spain)

Even better! Last year we were sailing the Hornstrandir fiords on Tecla, it was fantastic! This year our three-week voyage to Greenland has been even better. Awesome!!! We've been sailing through the ice, passing massive icebergs, seeing magnificent glaciers ... with the tranquillity of being guided by an experienced skipper and his great crew, in the company of a group of friendly and funny guest mates. Thank you for this wonderful time!

A fantastic trip! Of course, sometimes you look around/think about what your doing and wonder - "what the hell am I doing here?!", but it was a great feeling, to learn a completely different skill, to be thrown into a very different world, away from technology and the daily grind - I really enjoyed it!

It was such a privilege and a pleasure to sail with you all and to be on Tecla. I keep thinking about the amazing sailing and the beautiful places we visited. I especially loved exploring St Kilda and the awesome sail we had back from there, and being at anchor at Loch Scavaig with the mountains and the seals, and then the absolutely brilliant day tacking down the Sound of Mull and exploring Aros Castle. I’ll treasure those times for a long time to come. Thank you all for your wonderful company during the trip and for putting up with me getting under your feet on deck all the time (I was so excited to be sailing again that I wanted to haul on every line, but I’m sure some of them didn’t need hauling on at all…) I learned so much on the trip and I’m really inspired to try and do more sailing again now.

Gijs Sluik

Jet Sluik

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The Crew

Tecla is a family owned ship. Her owners sail her and run her business. On board you will set sail with us, when you call or email us, we will be the ones to answer your questions. 

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