Blue sky sailing!

68’23.6N 100’22.9W course 055 speed 6.0kn

We have been sailing along beautifully, gybing almost every 4 hours due to wind changes or due to running out of charted areas. We are getting very good at it! The weather has also been very good. In the morning we had a stunning sunrise! And during the afternoon we had spells of blue sky and easy sailing. We could see some big cumulus forming on the horizon, but no showers where we were! Temperature has been between 7 to 10 degrees, the wind chill is more important though! Sometimes 7 degrees and little wind feels warmer then 10 degrees and a chilly breeze on top.

During the day a short presentation to introduce all the different explorers was given. Running through all the different expeditions and different ways of approaching the search for the North West Passage. It was only an introduction, as every single expedition can easily fill an hour long presentation. Books and more books have been written about the explorers and about the expeditions, as every singly one made new discoveries or was learned from in what ever way.

During the day we spotted a lot of snow geese. Sadly we also saw some dead ones, possibly the avian flue has hit them here in the North. In 2022, as we made our way to Iceland in July, we spotted a lot of dead gannets underway. The breeding season makes the spread of the flue go fast, especially with species that normally live out at sea and hardly have interaction with other birds. Breeding season is over now, here in the North. The Snow geese fly around in small groups with the white adults in front and the juvenile grey ones trying to keep up. They call out to each other as if to encourage the young ones, ‘keep up’ ‘you can do it’. They are good looking birds, with their bright white feathers and their black tipped wings.

All is well on board, Jet

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