12 reasons to set sail from Cape Town to the Azores

Have you seen the amazing pictures on our Facebook and website and thought, NOOOO I missed out! Well I (Jet) am here to tell you, you did not miss out, you just got a glimpse of what your next adventure could look like! Maybe setting sail from Cape Town to the Azores is your next adventure..? Your last minute escape to sea!

Here are 12 reasons to set sail between Cape Town and the Azores


Set sail from one of the amazing capitals of the World, a true travelers destination, Cape Town. Make sure you get there a few days before embarking the Tecla, as there is so much to do in Cape Town, both wildlife trips and cultural day trips are easy to find and do! Do not forget to climb up on Table mountain for example!


We will take you to one of the favorite places the crew of the Tecla has ever been, the Azores!! Depending on the average speed, there will be time to explore some of the smaller islands before setting sail for Horta, Faial. Horta is a true sailors destination, everybody meets at the bar Peter Sport and exchanges stories of crossing the ocean. You as Tecla crew will not just have crossed the North Atlantic, you will also have crossed the South Atlantic!!


One of the oldest sailing routes there is, from times where we did not know there was a way around Cape Horn. A route that had prevailing winds and currents to get us a very long way and doldrums to show us to be humble.


The Doldrums. Not many sailing adventures will take you into these feared windless areas, but we will have to get through it. Checking the prediction of the Intertropical Convergence Zone before getting too close and crossing at the narrow part will be the key. We do bring diesel enough to get through this bit!


Possible visit to St Helena, an island with a very interesting history and many places that would be amazing to visit. See where Napoleon was held, visit his grave and the map he drew to try and escape.


Possible visit to Ascension Island. The island of the green turtle and of over 40 volcanos and almost as many white sand beaches. Not long ago the island opened up for tourists after being closed as a strategic military island, but getting to the island is quite a long way for a small island. With us, it is just part of the deal!!


Meet Neptune as you cross the equator and become a true shellback instead of a pollywog. Our ceremony will be held as we cross and when you meet Neptune, you will also be given a Shellback name, that will be the proof of you belonging in the realm of the Sea turtle.


Crossing over 5000 miles of ocean. In itself this is quite an accomplishment. In the old days sailors used to tattoo swallows for every 5000 miles sailed, so this one voyage on board the Tecla, would already suffice for one swallow!


Sailing two oceans. It was mentioned earlier, but it is quite an accomplishment to have sailed all 7 oceans. With this one voyage, you will have sailed nearly a third of all the oceans already!


54 days away from email, phone reception, and the daily hustle. No Facebook, Instagram,Twitter or even television with Netflix, to distract you from the pure beauty surrounding you. From the new friendships you can make on board and from some downtime with yourself.


Wildlife! Along the way there will be many animals to spot. Starting of with small penguins in Cape Town, seals will great us at the harbor exit and whales are commonly spotted close to shore. Along the way we may see some whales as well, changing birdlife as we close in on the tropics. Around the islands we can spot more birds, at Ascension we may see the Green Turtles. Getting closer to the Azores we will start seeing more and more Whales again. Whaling season on the Azores is all year round for some species, but only in April,May and June for the Fin Whale, Pilot Whale, Blue Whale and Sei Whale!



Meeting new people, learning to work together to achieve this amazing goal! What we will have to do, to get to the Azores in time, is become a team! Working together, working in watches, setting sail together, enjoying a good meal together and making sure we have an amazing time together on board!

Will you be part of our team?! Or do you have any more questions, because I stopped at 12 reasons, but I have many more!

This amazing voyage will start on the 3th of April 2020 (yes you have to be quick!) in Cape Town and you will disembark in Horta, Faial on the 26th of May. Costs are €4320, this is  €80 per day. This includes food, bedding and professional crew. Excluding transport to and from the ship, excursions on shore and drinks at the ‘bar’.

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