1600utc 63’19S 063’50W course 350, speed 4.5

All good things must come to an end. After a splendid visit to Port Lockroy it was time for us to quit the Antarctic Peninsula. Yesterday morning we had an exciting landing at Damoy point in among the ice. The evening before we came through the same ice field which filled the whole bay. It was moving fast on the tide.

We managed to find a sheltered spot just of a small Island where the ice didn’t reach us. The clouds where low and snow was falling. The crew didn’t mind and set of for a little hike up the hills to the old British Antarctic Survey hut. The hut was under renovation so there was time for a quick chat with the people working there. They were staying in a tent just next to the site and on their first night experienced 70 kn of wind… what a welcome…

The hike up to the slope was of limits because of crevasses (cracks in the ice field). There you go. It looked perfectly fine but turned out it was not. A month earlier we were up there to check the views. As did the passengers of a big cruise ship. Local knowledge goes a long way! Having checked the gentoo penguins and their chicks it was time to head for the dingy. One remarkable thing was the difference in size of chicks we saw here and at Yankee. The ones at Yankee where weeks ahead of these! They were nearly as big as their parents and here we still saw some eggs. Worth having a closer look at when we are at anchor…


After the visit to the little post office at Port Lockroy we set of for the passage across the Drake. Up through the Neumayer Channel filled with ice. Past the Waifs and up the Scholleart channel and out to sea! No time to waste now as we have some head winds to deal with!

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