17’32.5S 146’33.6W course 210′ speed 6,4

We are on our way for our last night sails before the end of this voyage. Making our way from Tahanea to Moorea. The past few days we have spend in Makemo, where we were anchored among 10 other yachts (we felt very crowded all of a sudden) and Tahanea, an uninhabited atoll. Makemo has a reasonably sized town and and an airstrip. Entering the Atoll was slightly easier then our first atoll, but still with the tide running out, Gijs had to work to stay in the middle of the pass.

Makemo offered so much! A beautiful evening stroll through the friendly streets, three supermarkets! a small dinner / restaurant and a dance recital on the second evening. The sunsets were spectacular and he morning swims were heavenly.

Then we set off for a day sail, leaving very early (packed with a tuna we bought of a local fisherman) and had to make our way to Tahanea under engine. There was no wind and so by eveningtime we were all very happy when the engine was shut off and had found our anchorage for the next day. As it was only one hour until dark we rigged the dinghy up and made our way to land, for those who were up for it.

We had a perfect evening with a beautiful sunset behind the little island and tuna steaks on the bbq.

Next day we spend exploring the small abandoned village on the island. Uninhabited, but left behind fairly recent, but with a church and some houses still in tact. The better part of the day was spend in the water. The pass next to the village is not one we can take with the Tecla, but our pilot book said it was superb for snorkeling. And it was! You could let yourself be dropped off at one end of the stream and let yourself drift with the current, while the corral bottom is flashing by and colorful fishes are all around. The dinghy would be waiting at the other end to pick you up and go again! Some of us went through at least 10 times!

Now we are leaving the Tuamotou islands and heading for the Society Islands, Tahiti and Moorea, Borra Borra, some of the better known Polynesian islands. These islands are high, foresty and green, so different from the atolls that have been our home for two weeks. Looking forward to the change.

all is well on board. jet

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