Logbook by Tony

hi there What great to join Gijs, Jet and Sam on there last part of their trip around the world! How nice to sail with the Tecla over the Ocean, this old lady (with respect off course)is sailing smooth!!! And what another fine day it was! I think it is the first day that we haven´t had to change the sails at all. And we are really doing well, with a average of 6 kn and about 135 NM the last 24 hours. Today we tried to improve the airflow in the ship so the heat can come out of the food-storage and our rooms. We try to do that with flags, one part in the wind and the other through a window. I think you can imagine how funny it looks when you see us sailing with all those colourfull flags at strange places, especially when the laundry is drying outside as well!! But no worries no “contacts” around us the last few days, it is just us out here….. A few hours ago when Sam woke me up for my watch I really didn´t have a clue what time it was because it was so Dark, no stars, no moon, the only thing I could see was the light of the compass and the waves that were breaking around the Tecla. She is really the Princess of Darkness! It is strange and hard to keep in balance and you don´t have a idea how fast you go. Luckily the clouds dissapeared and the moon is lighting the ocean again. So time to wake up Jet and Sam. sweet dreams Tony PS If you have any (world)problems to solve please let us know, in the evening- and nightwatch we are happy to discuss them over and over

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