30-07-2014 Tecla logbook 07:00

30-07-2014 Tecla logbook 07:00
Norwegian current
We have been racing for a day and a half now and already the whole fleet is spread out over the north sea! We made it around waypoint SA without any wind, but some had it worse and had to drift all the way north before they could round the waypoint. This current is probably one of the main subjects when we get to Esbjerg, and of course this virtual waypoint!

The fleet is spread out in about 3 groups. We are in the middle group right now, hopefully somewhere in the front of this group by now.. Last night showers and wind set up as the night was falling. With the watch handover we had to take down the topsail. At first we really regretted this decision, doing only 3 or 4 knots with waves rocking us.. but then the next shower came along and we buzzed along with 7 knots average! With the 6 o clock watch change this morning we set the topsail again as the skies seemed to have cleared and the wind was more steady.

We are in view of some of our competitors, they stand out black to a horizon full of sunlight and some clouds.

On board all is well, we have a birthday on board today, of one our trainees and I think there might be cake later on during the day.

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