42’40.6N 169’49.3W course 347′ speed 6,2kn

Topsails set easing through the fog
This morning around 11:00 board time, visibility got a little less.. maybe 3 miles visibility, maybe a bit more. With it came a more steady breeze then we had had so far. So just before lunch we started setting sail again! Mainsail set, topsails on main and mizzen and off we went with 6 knots! Since then the wind has been changing in strength and direction all day long. Around dinner time (lasagna with tomato salad) visibility was reduced to less then a mile, or so we guessed as there is nothing to use as a reference.

During the evening watch we were joined by dolphins and as dusk set in a group of storm petrels joined us. Sometimes we hear them shriek just behind us, or next to the board lights. They are attracted to the bright lights and flutter around. In 2009 in the crossing from Halifax to Belfast I remember a little storm petrel making itself comfortable in the port side board light and just chilling or sleeping with us a few hours. Today they have not yet dared to come that close, but we can see their shadows around us.

The fog seems to be the result of a fast cooling water temperature and an air temperature that is still relatively high and moist. In 24 hours the water temperature has dropped, yesterday I wrote the water temp was 20 degrees during the day and 18 at night. This morning the water was measured at 15 degrees Celsius, the air temperature is still around 20 degrees, so were not cold yet! Although the fog does get into your bones a little bit. First talk of turning the heater back on has started.. just to get the moist out of the ship of course, nothing else 😉

All is well on board, jet

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