44’52.9N 171’24.2W course 337′ speed 8,7kn

Not so lazy Sunday
What a difference in a week time. Last week on Sunday we were swimming, stuck without wind and enjoying some sunshine and relaxing.. And today, we were hard at work! Before dinner we took down the topsails, reefed the mainsail and changed jib for a smaller one. We did all of that in less then 40 minutes. And then we had a well deserved sunday beer on the aft.

During the day it was sunny and nice, with long pants, but still on flipflops, the weather was good. We were able to do our first meridian passage and afternoon sight in days, which was good practise now that we have some more waves and its a bit more of a challenge. With a fault of less then 6 miles (on the longitude, latitude was less then 0,4 of a mile) on the Meridian passage and spot on the afternoon sight on the sun, I was very impressed with the progress!

And now we are gunning along with 8,7, sometimes 9,5 knots. Winds have increased to a force 5, maybe a little bit of a force 6. The weather forecast predicted a slightly stronger wind in the showers, but so far it has been drizzle with a steady strong wind, very nice. The Aleutian Islands are getting closer and closer. We are all very excited with exploring this chain of islands, as none of us have ever been there. There is talk of bbq night with lamb and fish on the grill and wearing woolies and house shoes, or slippers. Its still over 600 miles before we get anywhere, but progress is good!

Every day we have new wildlife around us now. We have had dolphins, a skua, a booby and an albatross. We have seen a fluke of a whale, but it went deep and we never saw it again. We have seen storm petrels, sheerwaters in flocks and luminescent algae at night! This colder water seems to have a lot to offer!

Other then that, not much to say, other then, All is well on board, Jet

Photo of the day by Tom

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