47’41.3N 172’02.7W course 001′ speed 5,7kn

Calm has returned
Yesterday was ruled by increasing winds, but mainly by an annoying sea state, short steep waves and a high swell were rocking us around. But since last night the waves have decreased and the long swell is calming down. What a relieve. This afternoon we shook out the reef of the mainsail and during the midnight watch handover we set the big jib again. Which makes for a very nice calm heel to starboard as we make our way North.

Tom, by now, is considering a career switch as he keeps winning the picture of the day competition. This one is of the watch unreefing the mainsail with the visibility still reduced. At times the skies clear and we have almost normal visibility. But most of the time the air is wet, it is such thick air that it feels like drizzle and visibility is down to half a mile or so at times.

The heater has come on. Doors closed and downstairs is nice and cosy, while outside we are in our woolies, gloves and hats. This change was expected, but it has been a quick transit from t shirts and shorts to down jackets and full sail gear. Only 4 days! But nobody is complaining, against the cold we can dress! Our woolen duvets from Terschellinger sheep are very much back into fashion!

All is well on board, Jet

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