52’00.6N 170’02.1W course 025′ speed 6,4kn

Tufted Puffin has been spotted!
What an amazing sight! Our first Tufted Puffin has been spotted and it looked amazing! They are easily spotted when in flight as they seem clumsy and too round in shape to be able to really fly with ease. And they look exactly like their cousin from the Atlantic side, when in flight, just a little bigger! The first Tufted Puffin circled us for a bit and then went to get its friends, as at one point there were 4 of them flying in circles around us and then disappearing into the fog again.

The fog and no wind are more persistent then we expected. Sometimes we feel a bit of a breeze and we hope to set sail, but as we gather everybody on deck, turn of the engine and alter course, the wind always seems to disappear again.. So we are still under engine, making good headway towards Alaska! Just 35 miles before we hit the Samalga pass. We are sort of in a hurry now as well, to make the tide. This pass should not be too cumbersome, but some of the passes here are known for their spectacular current running through. If we can get there around noon, we should have the current running with us for 3 hours, which would be perfect! We will pass in between a headland of Umnak Island and the four mountains Islands. It would be a shame if this fog stays.. as we will miss out on some spectacular views!

As we close in on land we hope to see many more Puffins and other Seabirds that have been nesting. There are many little ones from the Auk family, that we never get to see on the Atlantic side, nor on the South side of this world!

This morning, the morning watch was visited by a whale, very shortly. It was a very big whale, but the discussion on what they saw is still on going. Some think it was a Fin whale, but the distinctive white spot on the starboard side was not seen.. and it gave a fluke… so could it have been a Blue whale? There is video material, but still we doubt. Hopefully we will spot it again today! The picture of the day was made by Rebecca of Sam and Steyn trying to identify the whale by looking at almost all the books we have in our library!

Not only do we have a picture of the day competition going, for one day, we will also have a Vlog competition. Who can make the best or most entertaining short movie on what our day is like. The competition is ON as Tim has a vlog function on his camera and Rebecca has been making little daily vlogs the past few days… Lets see who is most creative!

All well on board Jet

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