55’35 S 066’19 W Course 175 speed 6kn Motor sailing

After a fair and quick passage trough the channels we anchored at Puerto Williams just be for noon. Cocha and Maurice, our two agents paved the way to the hospital! We brought Rob ashore and they took over. Two hours later he was back on board and we had permission to leave again! Thank you Cocha and Maurice! Rob got of with minor bruises and a hospital bill. We wasted no time in getting underway. By 1530 we were under reefed mizzen and staysail boiling down the Beagle channel doing 9 kn! Passing Alcomar Snipe we eased the sheets in the dying winds and glided through Paso Picton. Dinner with the Albatrosses and Dusky Dolphins! Everyone  got some time to reflect be for the reality of the Drake kicked back in! The first soft rollers came through but not long after that the wind was back and a sea started to pick up. The last puffs of a passing front. As we are slowly leaving the relatively sheltered area to the east of Cape Horn the wave are becoming longer. Luring us in to the open. The wind has left us again but that wont be for long. It looks like it could be a good passage to the white continent! Lets see what the morning brings!

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