7-12 00:20 board time

We have left Easter Island behind us and are bound for Cape Horn. We left on a perfectly sunny, pacific weather day. Most of us got sun burned as most of us are from the Northern Hemisphere where it is winter right now. This night watch I am still on flip flops and most of those on deck are not wearing more then pants and a sweatshirt. It’s a very nice start of this voyage!

We are on a course South West, not the shortest way to Cape Horn you might say. But as this is an official Cape Horn voyage, we will not use the engine for 3000 miles and sail from 50′ South to 50′ South before heading to the Falkland Islands. To the East from us, is a big high pressure area that we will try to avoid, as there is no wind there. Getting stuck in no wind, means we will most likely have to start the engine, and we do not wish to do so! So we keep South West, beam reach. The weather report is saying the wind will back to the north, before the warm front of a low pressure area will pass us, and then turn to the South. This is when we will try and steer South East, heading more for the Cape.

We are 13 persons on board and its a great mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds. But one thing they all have in common, a love for sailing and adventure. Weather they are from New Zealand, England, France, Germany, China, Usa or England, they are all looking for this next challenging voyage that we have ahead of us. And this perfect call first night, has put is in the right mood!

You can follow the Tecla : https://my.yb.tl/tecla

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