A boys story


67’09N 053’57W

gc 200

sp 6kn

Close up Iceberg

Yesterday morning we finished the last bit of the inshore passage. The lack of wind made the choice easy to make. Very scenic and at times a little challenging! It is a real maze of small Islands and skerries. There are just enough markers on the right rocks to keep you from getting lost. The occasional local comes flying by in his power boat, back from the fishing grounds. It is like cruising through a boys book. An adventure around every corner. I can see why people want to live here.

created by dji camera

 We follow a thin line in the chart that has soundings to avoid the submerges dangers. I love navigating with the RADAR. Al the other stuff is redundant! GPS and plotters are so unfaithful, they lie to you all the time. Once passed the last rocks the wind picked up and we set our sails. Engine of and there we go! The breeze is friendly and carries us along until lunch when we gibe. We can lay the mark on the other tack and have the swell dead from a stern, perfect! The sky is clear and the sun is out. Rumors are spreading about the likely hood of seeing the lights again to night, hopes are high!

tecla northern light

 Just before we reach Sud Bay the winds fade. We take in sails and shortly after drop anchor off Ukiivik. This is the original site of Holsteinborg and the whaling station they had here. In 1764 the site was removed to its present location and is now called Sisimut, the second largest “city” in Greenland. No city live for us to day, just the lovely little scramble up the top to the light house. In the sheltered bay there are still the remains of the old settlement. A small turfed house gives an impression of what live looked like all those years ago.
 After dinner we are treated to a spectacle in the sky again. The Nothrn Lights never fail to amaze! What a little gem this anchorage!

All is well Gijs

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