A fair topsail breeze and then some more

Underway again after a short stop in Guarapari. We had a short sail there that

started of nice what seemed to be a south east wind.. but within an hour of
departure (and last swim stop) the wind backed all the way to north east again…
it started to increase and waves were building up instantly.. so Guarapari and
movie night it was!

Last morning we left Guarapari with a real southerly breeze. We set all sails,
tried sailing with the reefs in because we thought the wind would increase
again.. but no speed with them in.. so we undid the reefs before lunch and set
the topsails after lunch with Kirsty pulling up the mizzen topsail all by
herself and although his watch had not begun yet and even far after his watch
Mark stayed on deck to make sure he did not miss any of the action!

But 15:00 hours had not even come and the topsails had to come down as a squall
line had formed. The mainsail was reefed and the big jib changed into the
middle one. Just before dinner the mizzen was reefed and the small jib was
pulled to the front, still doing 7 knots downwind! FINALLY!

And now? Now there is no wind. Squalls where all around us for hours, we got
rained upon fiercely and were brought back once again to the memories of Cape
Horn, but it wasn’t this nice and warm! But as long as the wind is not against
us, we are happy

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