A routine sailing day – 141 miles in 24 hours

A routine sailing day – 141 miles in 24 hours
Slowly the North East wind is
turning into a East north East and almost into the East. We are sailing on an
North by Westerly course and so the latitude degrees are passing us by quickly.
We have almost reached the latitude of Brave, the last island of the Cape Verde
Island group; the last island we saw when we left the Cape Verde islands in
March of 2013!

Today was a real routine day, with nothing special
happening. We left the reefs in and the second jib up after swapping them last
night and the evening watch was glad to have them set as the wind increased
behind a few shower clouds. I woke up at 21:45 to the moan of the wind in the
rigging and the water increasingly loud rushing past my head. I thought a second
about taking a look outside but then remembered that the reefs were already in
and that it is no longer 29 degrees outside.. I stayed in bed, snug up against
the hull.

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