Our old lady
The Tecla

The Tecla is an old Herring drifter (Logger) built in 1915, Vlaardingen. She is 28 meters long over deck (38 meters overall) and takes 16 voyage crew on her voyages.

The Tecla is owned and sailed by a family of four professional sailors. They have owned the Tecla since 2006 and sail her with passion. The Tecla is a fast sailor, built for the North Sea. Her rigging is as traditional as it gets. A two mast Ketch with topsails and different sizes foresails for light weather.

The appearance of the Tecla is kept as traditional as possible. Her crew has a special love for traditional looks and know how to combine this with modern techniques and equipment.

The professional crew off the Tecla have been trained not just to sail, but also the help and explain how to sail the Tecla. The Tecla makes journeys of two days or even 6 months. Depending on the length and sort of voyage you choose, you will be included in the daily run on board. 

Get on board now, sail this traditional beauty!

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The Tecla is sailed by 3 or 4 permanent crew members. The crew consists of a captain, first mate, deckhand and either a guide or cook can also be on board.