Adventure and sailing in times of corona

The world of travel and outdoor adventure has come to a complete stop. With this little blog we would like to cheer you up, keep the sailing and adventure mood going and give some tips and tricks to stay sane indoors! 

Keep the sailing mood going:

Work on your photo books – we know you have not had time to get all your travels organized as there is always that next trip to go on..! but now there is time! This weekend, pull out you SD cards, memory sticks or hard copies and finally finish your photo album of those amazing voyages you have been on in past years! 

Feel the wind through your hair – go outside, into the garden and fly a kite! No kite available, here is a link where you can learn how to build a simple kite!

No garden? Here is a link for a miniature kite!

Keep your knot tying skills up by making a beautiful decorative knot board. 

What would the Tecla crew do:

Gijs has a project lined up that would have been perfect for this isolation period! Building his own Greenland Kajak. A slender build Kajak, which can be built in your living room.. if all others in the house support you. 

Gijs his adventure with the Greenland Kayak started after buying the book ‘building the Greenland Kayak’. It states “This step-by-step guide to building a lashed-frame, fabric-covered sea kayak is both a means to a sleek, fast, universally admired boat and an excellent introduction to woodworking and boatbuilding for hobbyists.” sounds like a good start for a living room adventure!!

Jet has her project waiting in the form of a spinning wheel, sheep wool and colorant for the wool. Soon to be made into hats and scarfs! Or even a jumper! 

Jannette is working hard on new beanies and keeping the office running. As we always work from home, our situation has not changed as much there. And we have 3 beautiful dogs, that need daily exercise, so plenty outside playing time, without meeting anybody.

But if space is limited, or there really is no room for new hobbies, how about a good read:

Two year before the mast 

Riddles of the Sands 

(only for Dutch) Waanzee 

And there is always the anticipation of the next adventure! We don’t know yet when the travel ban will be lifted, but we will be there for you when it does! And working towards that, you can start preparing for your voyage to be, by reading up on the places you want to visit. You can book your voyage on board the Tecla right now, and pay when it is certain that your expedition will be possible. We have some beautiful and extreme sailing expeditions still on our calendar which would be perfect to set out on as soon as your door open again. Visiting Greenland in August. Or sailing from Iceland to Ullapool in September. 

And you can help us stay sane as well! Maybe you have a way of staying busy during your isolation that can help us..? Or you can send us your story as Human Of Tecla to help keep everybody happy! 

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