Adventure on board Tecla

Setting sail on board the Tecla is all about you adventure. Discovering new horizons and seeing the world from a different side – the water. You may have visited many places, you may have been to many cities, nature reserves, hiked up mountains or made your own way in a foreign world. But doing it by ship, is just a little different. You are making a journey, voyage, a trip to get to a place. And to get to that place, you have to work, you will set sails, you will help maneuver the ship and work as a team towards that one goal – your next destination. 

Arriving with a ship under sail, no engines, no noise, just the splashing of the water and the call of a seabird will give your next adventure another dimension. 

Set sail and steer the Tecla to a new Horizon
Captain Gijs explaining the sailing plan for tomorrow
Tecla crew exploring the Horn of Hornvik

Your adventure on board will include:

  • Learning more about sailing a traditional sailing vessel
  • Working as a team (while you have only just met each other)
  • Getting to know an international crew – meeting new people
  • Visiting places only acceceble by boat
  • Going on excursions on land – guided by the crew
  • Dropping anchor at deserted islands
  • Steering the ship – taking control
  • Seeing wild life in their natural habitat
And so much more! 
Please contact us is you have any questions!!