All in a days run

Today is a great example of how a very full and productive working day can also be the best fun ever!

We have been sanding down the red deck and the wooden roof on the aft for days now and are almost done, so this morning we dusted it down, just before we dusted down the red deck for a second time to get the last layer of primer on some spots.

Sam and Jet then went to the shops for groceries, paint supplies and small bits and pieces, while Gijs got a layer of white on the starboard side where we had some primer as well. After groceries we went for a swim and took the dinghy on a tour to discover some caves and get some more underwater pictures. We are getting quite good at those I must say!

We saw big schools of sardines (will be expecting to see more of those between South Africa and Mauritius! Where the Sardine run is), we think we saw some small blue marlins, but they were gone too fast for pictures.. We swam with some smaller fishes, some as colourful as the rainbow, some a beautiful black and fluorescent blue!

After diving of some rocks near a cave we went back on board, outside quick shower, lunch and coffee on the aft. Then we went back to the red deck and started painting the deck. At 18:30 we were done for the day. With a good looking roof AND deck! We deserved a cool drink.

We cleaned our things away, and while Jet made the dinner, Gijs and Sam went out fishing, longlining in the dinghy! Not long after they set of, they had their first bite! A nice size Baracuda, but before they could get it in, half of it ended up being supper for some other (we thing very big) fish! After that, no more bites, so the lasagne was a welcome dinner.

One last drink together, coffee for Jet on anchor watch and so a great days comes to an end. Tomorrow the sun will be shining again, lets see what the day shall bring!


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