All sails set for the Chatham Islands

All sails set for the Chatham Islands
The Tecla has left Auckland, but not yet New Zealand. Around 13:00 hours we had the engine running, all parts on board and working, all people on board and said our goodbye’s to those left behind in New Zealand and at home. Once on the water we reeved the mainsail and mizzen and set sail for the Chatham Islands. A Island group south east from Auckland.

During the night the wind decreased and we set mainsail and mizzen whole, at watch hand over we changed the jib into the big jib and set the topsails with just the red watch and Gijs.

As we were stuck in Auckland a bit longer waiting for parts, we have some catching up to do with our two other Dutch tall ships. And our crew is up for it, as they were itching to leave the mainland and get going, they are full of energy to set more sail and get some miles done. And it is a good feeling to be underway. Our way is a long one but the first 60 miles have already been done.

We are doing 6,7 knots right now, we are just passing Mercury Island and will stay on this course for another 150 miles. The night is beautiful, lots of stars, lots for dark shaped islands passing us by and lots to talk about in our first watch together.

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