All suited up and ready to go!

All suited up and ready to go!
This morning we had sun! A real delight in
light! But as the red watch came on deck, all the sun beams had been used up and
the grey-ness came again. The wind increased early this morning. We gibed and
went straight east on a portside tack. We left the topsail on deck as the
barometer was dropping rapidly. Within 12 hours it dropped 10hp to 1007 early
last evening. We have done many many many sail changes! The blue watch changed
the jib into the number 2 jib and reeved the mizzen. At watch handover we reeved
the mainsail. And before dinner we reeved the mainsail to the 2nd reef and
changed the jib into our number 3 jib, the storm jib. The barometer then stopped

Waves have build up, albatrosses came out to play again on
wind and waves and the grey-ness kept on closing in. And then the rain started.
The blue watch had a wet night watch and the red watch started with rain. We
were all agreeing on the fact that rain out at sea is useless and a waste of
water. There are so many place where water would be of use, but out here, one
would think that there is enough water. But then again.. with thousands of miles
of nothing, clouds must get very heavy before they ever spot any land..  It is
getting dryer now, but still no moon and no stars. We are all suited up, with
only little room for more clothing for when we really get close to the Horn. The
red watch has agreed, that if we make it to the Falkland Islands, our first pub
visit will be done fully suited and ready to go!

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