Almost a day for a swim stop!

Almost a day for a swim stop!
The day started blue, sun shining brighy, oily
flat sea and a big urge to go swimming. Gijs nearly had his shorts on! But just
before lunch time clouds rolled in, the wind increased and even the topsail had
to come down.. not 40 minutes later we were reefed down with 1 reef in the
mainsail and two in the mizzen. Where the morning reminded some of us of the
trans atlantic challenge 2009 (2017 will be the next trans atlantic!), that
afternoon we were back rounding the Horn with grey skies and colder

We are noticing our climb up North and the decrease of Southerly
degrees. The sun is rising later and the night air is less cold. Although the
wind might chill us down a little, we are all wearing about 2 layers less! Today
was going to be the day we had the first day of 20 degrees temp. But outside
looks very grey and cloudy right now.. Not sure about that bet any

Bright colored Christmas trees dangle from various objects and
shiny balls decorate the book shelves. A day closer to Christmas and we are all
getting in the mood. We did not take any fake snow, we though we had had enough
cold snowy weather during our cape rounding, the memory of that still gives me
the shivers! Lets stick to Christmas crackers and Falkland Lamb for the real
Christmas feeling.

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