an other 4800 miles to go………….

Last port of call – Porto Seguro // Next port of call – Azores
We have been
underway for over 36 hours now. Due to North North Easterly winds and lack of
wind entirely, we had to motor our way off the continental shelf and away from
land. This afternoon, just as we were preparing to do a man over board exercise,
the wind picked up. We got our ‘joon’ back on board in 12 minutes and then spend
one hour and 15 minutes setting all the sails, topsails included. One hour and
15 minutes working in this heat and with just 4 persons to set all the sails,
quite the accomplishment.

Right now we are experiencing light winds.
During the day we were sailing at about 5 to 6 knots, but the wind dropped
during the night and we are having difficulties maintaining 3 knots…

All the signs off ocean sailing are back. The water has turned to a
deep, intense blue color, fly-fish are passing us by in big schools and traffic
is getting less and less. With the engine off, the silence on board was almost
too much at first, but once you get used to it, it is such a big relieve. The
sound of the waves, the wind, the sails and the blocks remain. Another 4800 or
so, miles to go.

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