..and then there was land!

  After a rather quick passage from the Aleutian Islands to the coast of the US we decided there was enough time to take Krista, the mate into her home town, Santa Cruz! As we still had the cruising permit entrance to the US was gladly granted! We made good use of this kindness and happily anchored of the beach of Santa Cruz. Welcomed by pelicans and sea lions we toasted to a great trip so far! 2320nml in 13 days is not bad for a herring drifter from 1915. Only on the last bit approaching the coast did we need the engine. Up until then we had seen many different shapes and form of weather. From the dead calms to 30 knots of breeze. From close hauled to broad reaching. Fog and bright sunshine. Never a dole moment! We got really used to doing 180 plus miles a day. Topsails up topsails down! Decks awash with dinner in the sun! All in all not bad.

  Krista, Will and Nico quickly prepared to go ashore and meet Krista’s family on the beach for Krista’s mum’s birthday! Could not have been better! The old watch stayed onboard to guard the ford. All world problems where solved over a good bottle of wine before we turned in very happy with our selfs! Next day we where showed around by the Swedberg family! Went for a hike in the redwood forest and stocked up on fresh supplies on the farmers market. A great place! The spot we were anchored in was only a couple of cables of the surf break! Although I did not find any place to stowe my boards this spring it was awesome to watch these people go at it. O’Neill the man who invented the wet suit lived only a few miles away from here. 

  This morning we woke to the sound of the fog horn. Our plan was to leave after topping up on fuel. To my great relief it lifted soon after breakfast. I went in to the harbor entrance to check the depth one last time because it looked rather sallow. In winter there is a sand bar across the little harbor entrance and people often surf it… Plenty of water now and with the rising tide there should be no problem. Fuel operations done, I got pizza for lunch and of we went into the haze! Thank you family Swedberg!!!! And thank you Santa Cruz!! Would have stayed longer but we have places to go and people to see 😉

  Back on schedule we are romping a long at 7 to 8 knots out of Monterey Bay bound for another Santa Cruz but this one is in the Galapagos 3500 nml to the south…

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