And we are off! #4

All weather and ice reports combined, we have made the decision to wait  no longer, hop no further, but get it over with and set sail for the Canadian coast. Or sail…, first a bit under engine, until we pick up the wind. For now we only have a very light breeze from the North North West.

As we set out from our last stop on Disko Island we were met by a group of seals as well as a few icebergs. It seems now that  we have left the Icebergs behind us and we only have Baffin Bay ahead of us. The magnificence of the icebergs is hard to explain. Big, white, at first sight, but when you look closer, blue in all sorts, this big mass sticks out of the water. Knowing it is only a small piece we are looking at and the rest is below the water, one can not but wonder. They drift around in the fjords, out on the wide water and are not steered by anything else then nature. Currents and wind. Which ads to the feeling that we should not get too close to any of them. The icebergs we have seen are off all sorts and shapes. Some over 200 meters long, others higher then a 4 story building. Some have already fallen over and you can see the old water lines in the shape of the iceberg. Others have massive, deep blue cracks running from the top all the way to the waterline. We have seen a few of them cave in as we passed them. A loud crack and then a splash with a wave coming up as the falling bit hits the surface again and starts turning itself until it rocks softly and just drifts on..

Iceberg, the Tecla and the yellow brick!

Although the day has been very grey, we are happy that the fog has lifted. Last night the fog was already breaking up and what came from underneath it, was amazing. The sun was shining above the mist and where there was no mist, there were bright sun rays on the cliffs of the island. The light was just amazing. After dinner, all the fog had lifted and we could enjoy the sunlight setting our whole surrounding ablaze. What a light! Now, making our way through the grey, the air is as cold as it looks. Everybody is topping up on layers and making tea and coffee for the next watch, doing dishes or turning the vegetables will soon be every bodies favourite job, as we can then get out of the cold and into the warmth below decks.

The atmosphere on board is good. And although Greenland is beautiful, we are all looking forward to this next part, getting to Canada. For now, we are hoping to have our first stop in Pond Inlet, but first we have over 550 miles to cover. ffffffffff

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