Antarctic peninsula, underway to Murray hr 

Antarctic peninsula, underway to Murray hr

Arrival of the fittest… In a pitch black night we rolled and tumbled in to English strait, the passage through Greenwich and Robert Island. Tinke steered us passed al the underwater dangers just as Hidde had done last time. 

Even found time to reef the mizzen in the middle of all this! Dropped anchor in Discovery bay and licked our wounds. 

We had a summer passage across the Drake! Two days of one layer clothing and 5 layers of sunscreen was maybe a little too much… It lulls your senses to sleep. Good way to get caught with your pants down… I woke just in time! When the weather settled the next morning we headed off too Yankee harbor to check on the Gentoo chicks. They are a couple of weeks ahead of the rest of the Gentoos! 

After our first landing we headed of for Deception Island. The weather was fine so no time to linger a round! Deception delivered like it always does! First landing at Pendulum Cove and second Whalers bay! The derelict buildings and remains of the whaling times looked particularly grim in the autumn evening light. Antarctic Fur Seals had taken over the beach and the young males where trying their luck with some of us… These little devils dont scare very easily! No voyage crew nor seal where hurt during our stay this time! 

Next morning we headed of early for Trinity Island. The 60 ml where uneventful best described… The clouds where getting lower and lower and it became obvious we left just in time before the winds picked up again. By the time the anchor touched ground it had started snowing with visibility down to 200 meters. A short dingy cruise was the best we could do before indulging into some warm glühwein…

Snow is still there but we are changing scenery now. Underway for Murray hr with hopes of some Antarctic blue sky later this afternoon!

all is well

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  • Lucky Bums! to cross the Drake wearing more sunscreen than clothes! At least I had a smashing time and earned extra miles.

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