Arctic foxes to the Arctic circle

T2017-8  Isafjordur – Akureyri – Arctic foxes to the Arctic circle

29-jun-17                 11-jul-17

Price 25> years € 2.340,00           15-25 years     € 1.989,00

This voyage starts off with a visit to Hornstrandir national park, only 15 mile to the North. The main attraction in this area is the Hornbjarg Cliff sitting at 533mtr above sea level. Enjoy an icy plunge in the North Atlantic after a warming bath in the natural hot spring, situated at the foot of the Krossneslaug mountain. It is one of those memorable experiences only Iceland can offer!

  • Scotland

The prevailing wind in Iceland easterly, so this voyage will be run by the wind. If the weather is good and the winds favorable, you will set sail, if there are headwinds, you will have some more time on shore if the expectation is that the wind will change in your favor. If the wind stays in the east, you will have a beautiful sail, with lots of maneuvers and some night watches on the helm.

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