Around Point Barrow the North East current rules

Point Barrow

Around Point Barrow the North East current rules Last night we went past Point Barrow, with the idea in our head that we could go from a downwind run to a beam reach, we got excited and were looking forward to some steady high speed sailing! But then as we sheeted in a little bit.. nothing really changed.. 4,8 to 5,5 knots, with the ship cruising along quite nicely. We could hear the propeller singing, the ship is humming, it sounds like 7 knots! But the GPS tells us differently.. hmmmm so this North East current we read about, is really happening here… damn.

The sailing has been amazing though! The wind is slowly increasing as there is a big low pressure area to the south of us and here we are humming along the coast of America making our way south. Just 475 miles to Nome on our course line. Since an hour or so the speed has come up as well, doing 7,3 occasionally 8 knots!

Frederick Beechey

The weather is grey, but dry. Waves are building up a little as it is wind against current, so they are short, but not so high yet. Ice reports say all the ice is staying to the North, which is good to know during our night watches. It is very dark at night and it is dark longer and longer at a high speed. The temperature is alright, still far above 0, with a wind chill that is 3 or 4 degrees

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