Art Classes on board Tecla

Sailing in Iceland is amazing. The views are stunning, the fjords are all different in shape and looks and there is always a new place to go and explore. And now we have a new challenge on one of our voyages, Drawing and Painting. 

If you love travelling and Art and you are willing to learn some new skills, this a great opportunity to get on board the Tecla in the company of an professional artist/artteacher. Travelling inspires, new colors, shapes, materials and technics to discover. We will be drawing and painting on board and on land, during the hikes at Natures best at Hornstrandir. Everybody can attend. Whether you have no experience at all or weather you are an artist yourself. This trip will astound you.


We would like to introduce the Artist that will sail with us and show you how to capture the beauty of Iceland on a canvas. 

Linda Moerland

From an early age, Art was a necessity for Dutch artist Linda Moerland, (Anna Paulowna, Netherlands 1968) After Highschool, she attended an orientation year at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. This was a solid base for her time at the fine Arts & and Education study at the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

In 2008 she founded her Artstudio “Atelier Da’Lin” in Schagen, the place where she teaches artclasses in multiple art-disciplines  and from where she creates and sells her own autonomous work. Some of it captured the attention of private collectors from different country’s. Central theme in Linda’s work is inner power and positivity.

Over the years the artist collaborated with artists and social  institutions to work on several social Artprojects. Since 2017 the artist combines her love for traveling with the passion for art.  Drawing and Painting on locations in Spain and France inspired her to look for new horizons. When Linda and Jannette from Tecla Sailing met in the Studio in Schagen, a new collaboration was born quickly. It became the start of a new adventure, this time in Iceland.

The voyage will start on the 18th of June and end the 25th of June. You will board the Tecla in Isafjordur at the tip of Hornstrandir nature reserve and you will also finish here. 

If you have any material of your own, you are welcome to bring it. We will provide canvasses, drawing material, paint and brushes. There are no extra costs to this voyage except for what materials you use. This will be calculated at the end. We expect it not to exceed €100 per person for the whole voyage. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

Tecla spots Humpback Whales close to the ship

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