At the Dockyard – SRF

Last Friday we made our way to Harlingen over the Waddenzee. The Tecla was already half empty and most of our personal effects and loose items had been taken off the ship in Den Helder. The galley is empty but for the things that may return in the new interior. Only two rooms have been left untouched (so Gijs and Jet can still stay on board if needed) and the aft cabin will stay as it is.

The sails were already stored for winter and so where most of our lines. The next two days we will be busy getting ready to take the masts, booms and gaffs off and stored at the dockyard. After that, we start taking the interior apart!

The new hull part is ready and standby on a terrain nearby, pictures shown below are of bad quality as the hull part is some way off the road and hard to reach.

One Response to “At the Dockyard – SRF

  • Dag Gijs en Jet, Jeetje dat is geen halve maatregel . Ga binnen kort wel eens kijken in Harlingen. Wanneer verwachten dat de Tecla weer in haar element komt.
    Hg Hans

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