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Beagle Channel

Next morning the alarm went at 0330. Anchor up and out in to Canal the Balereno. Canal is an indication in Spanish for a safe passage between the many islands. It is by no means a dug out fair way! The depth is mostly more than 200mtrs all though not always very wide. The scenery is of the best! High mountains with snow on the tops. Green forest at the foot. And many, many possible anchorages... After Balenero comes Canal O'Brian. To bad we have to make the miles otherwise we could have spent a week exploring the waters between Polux and O'Brian Island. We call in at Alcomar Timbales, the first sign of civilisation. There are many Alcomar's along our route. They are call in points with the armada. One family is stationed at these lighthouses for one year and is responsible for its care and the traffic that passes. We are in Glacier ally now. Brazo Noroeste is a deep and clear fjord. High mountains, dark evergreen forest and snowy peaks dominate both shores. The Caldera Darwin towers to the north with summits of over 2000 mtr. Plenty to see!!! Glacier after glacier pass by. Steamer ducks passing infront at to the scale,

As the winds stay baffling the sun makes a weak appearance

61’21S 067’23W As quickly as it came upon us it disappeared in the fog, the last snowy peaks of the...

It just keeps getting better!

The white continent has not failed us. It has surpassed all expectations and keeps amazing! The Caldera Deception Island we...

Elephant Island, Point Wild

Elephant Island, Point Wild

Elephant Island, Point Wild, the departure point for Sir Ernest Shackelton and 5 of his crew after beeing shipwrecked in...

Fin whale’s at one oclock!

Fin whale’s at one oclock!

Fin whale’s at one oclock! Just after breakfast there was a big blow and some what later a dorsal fin....


Yesterday the wind left us. We gave it al we got but to no avail. It left us rolling and...



We are eager to make the boat move as well as possible. Trimming the sails and bringing the art of helming down to perfection! As gracefully as the Sooty Shearwater, the little Tecla glides with out moving her wings. She seems to know the way for she does not need much encouragement! Time is spent telling stories of travels far and wi

..and then there was land!

The spot we were anchored in was only a couple of cables of the surf break! Although I did not find any place to stowe my boards this spring it was awesome to watch these people go at it. O'Neill the man who invented the wet suit lived only a few miles away from here.

The number two

The pour mutilated number two spent most of our world trip shamefully folded away on deck. It was not until Freemantle, Australia when she came back to live. Some of her creme pannels had to be replaced with some white ones. She bares her scares well, and is ever so eager.

Take the in shore passage…

The good thing is the winds are likely to be from the west... This is what our fisherman was worried about, and that is why he always took the inshore passage. Of course I had considered this, but it puts a lot of miles to the already long trip.