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Dinner in Dease Stait

Early as in before the last journey of Franklin. The happy days... Although Britain did not need the North West Passage by the time Sir John was rising the ranks, it became a matter of national pride. On his first trip north he was to map the area to the east of the Coppermine river.

M’Clure was the first man to sail the NWP… Not M’Clintock.

The first recorded voyage insearch of such a passage was madde by John an Sabastian Cabot at the end of the 15th century. After that many of such expeditions

Tactics and Time Correction Factor

What a race! Starting of in light airs sailing into strong winds even gale force winds. It didn’t take long...

From the Minch to the Mull Of Kintyre

Weather forecast what can you do… Southerly´s the whole week long. In this case we couldn’t find a better one....