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Canal O’Brien, Patagonia

Canal O’Brien, Patagonia After our stop in Puerto Williams we set of for our holiday within the holiday. No time.

New Tecla Video on International Wildlife day

New Tecla video and International Wildlife Day Today is International Wild life day. A day to be celebrated and a.

 Antarctic peninsula, underway to Murray hr 

Antarctic peninsula, underway to Murray hr Arrival of the fittest… In a pitch black night we rolled and tumbled in.

The life of a deckhand

We left from the Falkland Islands. As a deckhand, I would be sailing on the Tecla for the next voyage..

How to Gear up

How to Gear up It is hard to make a packing list (or kit list) for our voyages. We would.

1600utc 63’19S 063’50W course 350, speed 4.5

All good things must come to an end. After a splendid visit to Port Lockroy it was time for us.

Last minute berth available in Patagonia

Due to a last minute cancelation, we have on berth available in a cabin for a male. The voyage will.

South Georgia on our minds

South Georgia, an icy paradise There are many places on this earth, that are worth sailing to. Some more remote.

Rollin’ an’ Tumblin’

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ First expedition with our new Tecla! And it was head first right in there! 11 new voyage.

The mist before the ice

The mist before the ice Ittoqqortoormiit “A place where many people live”  This colorful East Greenland gem is home to.