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South Georgia on our minds

South Georgia, an icy paradise There are many places on this earth, that are worth sailing to. Some more remote.

Rollin’ an’ Tumblin’

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ First expedition with our new Tecla! And it was head first right in there! 11 new voyage.

The mist before the ice

The mist before the ice Ittoqqortoormiit “A place where many people live”  This colorful East Greenland gem is home to.

Yard Update!

Since the last Yard Yarns, we have posted a few pictures on our social media outlets to let you all.

Corona and flight update on Tecla sailing area

Corona and flight update on Tecla sailing area The sailing area we have planned to visit with the Tecla in.

Refit update!

Tecla update January 2022 Through social media we have send out some pictures of the progress, but here is some.

At the Dockyard – SRF

Last Friday we made our way to Harlingen over the Waddenzee. The Tecla was already half empty and most of.

New adventure

Today we make our way to Harlingen where a new chapter in the book of adventures of the Tecla will.

We are opening a small online shop

Did you miss out on our t-shirts or sweaters on board? You can order them online from now on! In.

The last miles in our Virtual North West Passage

We have been long under way between Herschel Island and Nome, and we are getting close to our finish port.