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Sailing across Baffin Bay #5

Sailing across Baffin Bay #5

And we are off with a nice speed. Averaging between 6 and 7 knots with a course pointing at Baffin Island. Weather reports show that this wind will

And we are off! #4

And we are off! #4

doing dishes or turning the vegetables will soon be every bodies favourite job, as we can then get out of the cold and into the warmth below decks.

Flight of the snow bunting

Neqajaq is the Inuit name for the wind that blew us across the Greenland sund. In winter this wind brings...


Adventure  is a form of bad planning. At least, according to Roald Amundsun… I don’t always agree with this great...

Hornstrandir, its a treat

Last week was our first week sailing around in Hornstrandir Nature reserve. A sailing area that speaks to the imagination....

West fjords, drangajokull

It’s like coming home

 Gijs sailed the Tecla to Iceland, with one amazing voyage, shooting drone footage of the Tecla in all sorts of...

Circumnavigation sweaters and t shirts

join the tecla and get your hands on one of these new circumnavigation sweaters or t shirts!

orcas spotted

First week in Scotland

Here we are back in Ullapool! Our home away from home. Our first Outer Hebrides trip is a fact, and...

Maintenance before adventure

February has come and gone. We have 1 month and 10 days left before the Tecla will be ready to...

The Seabirds cry, Adam Nicolson

The Seabirds cry, Adam Nicolson