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The last miles in our Virtual North West Passage

We have been long under way between Herschel Island and Nome, and we are getting close to our finish port.

A video of our perfect night on Herschel Island

Drone footage of our anchorage and perfect night on Herschel Island

First sighting off Northern Light!

The nights are getting darker and longer as we make our way to Herschel Island during our Virtual North West.

Cambridge bay to the Coppermine River

Cambridge bay to the Coppermine River

Boiling down Dease strait towards the Coppermine river. The land to windward makes for smooth sailing. A reef in both.

Tecla going home and NWP2020

Tecla going home and NWP2020

The last 7 months have been special for everybody and the three of us (and our crews) have tried to.


Yesterday we made our way through the virtual ice at the entrance of James Ross Strait, 180 km long –.

A whale fluke in north west passage

Making our way to Bellot Strait

Virtually there is almost no way back, or at least, we have made our choice, we will proceed through Bellot.

Finding Parry’s wake

Armed with a new ice chart and a last look over Barrow Strait we have decided to head South into.

Beechey for a bit longer

After Beechey Island we have to make a choice on what route we are going to take through the ice,.

Bergy bit ahead

We have made our way out of Navy Board inlet into Lancaster Sound. Hardly any wind, so we have been.