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Navi board inlet

Navy Board Inlet

Making our way into the maze, where we hope to find the North West Passage. Virtually today we take another.

Closing in on Eclipse sound

Our virtual arrival in Pond Inlet is still as planned, we are closing in on Eclipse Sound, but still have.

Virtual sighting of Baffin Island

With the winds light in the middle of Baffin Bay, there will be some motor sailing going on by now..

Light winds into Baffin Bay

Our virtual voyage continues and as the weather report predicted, there are light winds as we make out way into.

Fortune Bay anchorage

It is the second day of the virtual North West Passage and there was hardly any wind as we made.

A welcome of the Captain!

Welcome onboard our virtual attempt on he North West Passage. With the world around us changing fast under these new.

Let me show you around

Welcome on board the Tecla! With this virtual tour, we would like to show you around!! When our voyages start,.

From Arctic to Antarctic and back to the Arctic

Between July 2019 and July 2020 we have made our way from the Arctic to the Antarctic and with crossing.

Visiting Hornstrandir

The day before yesterday a humpback whale came very close to the ship. As we were making our way downwind.

North We Go! 13-7-2020 at 3.33 hours

North We Go! 13-7-2020 at 3.33 hours

Thursday evening we were finally able to set sail as we made it around the last corner and into Falxafloi.