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Shake it up baby 7 July 1.50 hours

And then we were left with just the waves.. it is quite exhausting to be on a constant moving side.

2 logbooks today

2 logbooks today

Heading North 02-07-2020 The Tecla crew is surrounded by a beautiful sapphire-blue ocean, the delicious scent of tonight’s curry is.

From oat porridge to cookie

Changing oat porridge into a nice little cookie is not as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot.

Underway to Iceland

We have left Den Helder behind us. Setting out into the waves and wind this morning was a refreshing start.

Tecla anchored in one of the Icelandic fjords

Lets go sailing

In 1 week time the Tecla will set sail for Iceland. Arriving around the the 9th/10th of July, we should.

Covid-19 – Sailing around the world

As you all will have noticed, the Tecla has not stopped sailing due to the virus, yet. We have been.

From Pollywog to Shellback, crossing the line!

Rolling and tumbling through the soft trade winds, we made it to the Equator once again! The books all say.

Lockdown literature!

We have asked you to let us know what you are up to in these lockdown times and what you.

Adventure and sailing in times of corona

Adventure and sailing in times of corona

The world of travel and outdoor adventure has come to a complete stop. With this little blog we would like.

You can’t take the well from the water…

Lock down Cape Town. Last week we arrived in Cape Town, but had to anchor because we were not allowed.