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Ice Ice baby! (tudtudtudtudedudedudu)

It is exactly why we do these amazing things and keep pushing our limits. It is almost addictive, you feel alive. Maybe the explorers from the olden day felt the same sort of thing and that is why they kept coming back to places like this, even though their fates were so uncertain and they were in real peril.

Kugluk, or Bloody Falls

The name Bloody Falls, comes from an event long ago where some first nation, or Indian people came into an altercation with Inuit’s that were hunting at the falls and there was a big fight. In some stories it was a massacre of the Inuit, in other stories there was really just one family staying there and the were killed

Saturday 31 August – Cambridge bay, by Steven Luitjens

urrounding tundra, which is dotted with numerous large and small lakes. If Finland is the land of 10,000 lakes then Canada must have 100 times more (mainly because it is 100 times larger). Late afternoon when everyone returned to the ship stories were told in the comfortable kitchen on board. With the now icy breeze and flurries outsi

Simon Damant story and pictures

fog where minds were more concentrated on avoiding the ice and finding possible leads through the icy maze probably prevented their observation. However during the day when the ice was less

Getting a bit chilly

Although the Pizza hut is reported to only sell two sorts of pizza and the KFC has a big menu, but for most of the items on the menu, there is no price... because they do not really offer it..

Northern light in the south

cloud seemed to be doing a strange thing to the light, or a star was shining behind the cloud, or a helicopter with lights on was passing us to the south... but no! it was the start of a series of light movements through the night!! Our very first

ships rhythm

The Rhythm of the ship is also the violin play by Paul. The singing of the propeller when we are doing a nice speed under full sail and the sound of the generator at 07:00 hours, when we are making coffee and tea,

Caribou in sloping valley and then back into the ice

t night we had a drink on deck, as the sun was out and we had a record temperature on deck in the sun of 19,9! What a lovely night it was! After roast chicken dinner, most went to bed early

When the ice takes over the world

Would you like to be right smack in the middle, or skirting along the edges.. well, we know now! We.

Ice on our mind

We are trying to spot the way through by going up high into the mast, but for now the ice seems to be all around. We had all expected it to start at some