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Back home

We made it. We made it through the North West Passage. We made it from Ilulissat, Greenland to Nome, Alaska. And then Sam and I went home. Within 26 hours we traveled the same distance and double or more back to Amsterdam and arrived 36 hours later then the time we actually left.. the world is round, and it is a strange thing to travel forward in time after traveling backwards in time for so long. 

We went all the way backwards to where time had stood still for over two decades and we could see the stones Franklin once stood on. We traveled back to a time where he called a bay Return Again bay. Not Return Bay, as in once, but return again.. as in having to do it all over again. We traveled back in time to a time zone closer to a different date then to UTC. But we did not cross the dateline. We traveled back in time in the different cultural centers we visited and saw the Inuit way of life. A life well adapted to living so far North. And then we were brought back into our own time again as we got cellphone reception again for the first time in weeks. 

And now Sam and I are back home, but the Tecla is not yet! She is traveling between Nome and Dutch Harbor before setting sail for the Galapogos Islands. 

After arriving in Nome, we had a great time there. Most of us went off exploring town the first day. Setting foot in Gold mining land was beautiful. We saw the small constructed vessels go out with their big hoovers on deck, to vacuum clean the ocean bottom and see if any gold dust comes up. We also saw the enormous dredgers that were built for serious gold digging activity! We talked to some of the gold diggers in the bars and even over breakfast in the local diner. Their stories filled with gold fever. 

The night were getting colder and colder. The morning thaw was frozen to the deck and the days shortened quickly. After shopping, getting fuel and doing the last bit of maintenance on board, the Tecla set sail again. Off for a new adventure. 

We can still follow the Tecla on her way South through our YellowBrick. The reports coming in will be less as there is only a small crew on board right now.