Back in her element

31’58.9N 013’48.3W course 197’ speed 6,5

Photo made by Karen

She is back in her element and it feels like a completely different ship. The engine is off, mizzen, mainsail forestaysail, big jib and topsail are up! We are gliding over the waves, windforce 3, broad reach and early a sound to be hear, except for the propellor turning and the water rushing by. It feels like magic. 

Keeping the same speed as we would have with 1200rpm under engine, we are happily cruising South towards Tenerife. 

Setting the sails after lunch was very satisfying. It was a warm and sunny day, sun hats were out and sunscreen smell was lingering on deck. And as we set sail, with our small crew, it felt like an accomplishment once were done and the speed was up! Perfect timing for a beer on the aft for those just off watch and enjoying their time on the sundeck. 

And for me? For me it can always be a force 3, who need more. Life is pleasant, easy going, the ship does not feel like she has to work for it, it’s easy on her as well. The galley is a place you can actually work, your bunk does not need a leeboard and waves don’t wash over you just as you step out of the door onto the deck! I am loving this! 

One day and 12 more hours before we arrive, or if the wind picks up this afternoon, we may pick up some speed as well! The 16th looks amazing for sailing, and on the 17th the wind will decrease again. So let’s make the most of it! 

On board the Tecla has a yellow brick, every 4 hours a new position:

All is well, Jet

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