Back on the North Sea, a busy homecoming

Back on the North Sea, a busy homecoming This morning as the tide turned against us before we reached Cap Griz Nes, we dropped our anchor just north of Boulogne sur Mer. With a spring tide and head winds, we did not feel it would be a fair fight; at least not one we could win. We stayed at anchor, waited out most of the current and just before noon we set off again.

Around the grey nose of France, we ducked into the traffic separation scheme and under engine made our way through the straight of Dover. We had a good view on both sides, with dramatic clouds hanging over land and sunshine in the middle. And then we got to Belgium! Closer and closer to home we get. Gijs and Tony set the mainsail and second jib with Ed and Steven (the mizzen and forestaysail were already up) and sailed for a little while, until the tide turned and the wind turned with it..

At the watch handover we were trying to motor sail in between some vessels at anchor and right now we are making our way around three big windmill parks. These parks were just stubs out of the water when we left on our circumnavigation and now they are all done and operative. The welcome back on the North Sea, so far, has been a busy one, with lots of traffic, windmills, changing winds and heavy current – the wind is not as favorable as we would like and the choppy waves are strangely familiar – back on the north sea, going home. We are planned to arrive in Amsterdam on the 18th around 10 in the morning. If you would like to know where please contact the office through

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